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Friday, 12 December 2014

Reality of life:

"When you give importance to people they think that you are always free. But They don't understand that you make yourself available for them every time"..!

My Cute Feelings for Sweet Love... I Love You... Forever...

Hey Baby  

I Know It May Sound Crazy Cheesy ..
But Some Of The Things I Really Want to Do With You  

Touch your waist.
Talk to you
Share secrets with you.
Give you 1 of my sweatshirts
Kiss you slowly 
Hug you. 
Hold you.
Laugh with you.
Invite you everywhere.
Hangout with you and your friends.
Smile with you.
Take pictures with you. 
Pull you onto my lap. 
Always hug you and say hi whenever I see you. 
Kiss you unexpectedly.
Hug you from behind around the waist.
Tell you you're beautiful. 
Tell you the way I feel about you.
Open doors for you, walk you to your car
Tell you you're my everything. 
If it seems like there is something wrong, i will ask you, if you deny something being wrong, it means you don't want to talk about it, so i’ll just hug you. 
Make you feel loved.
Kiss you in front of other girls and boys  
Won't lie to you.
Won't cheat on you.
Take you everywhere and anywhere you want.
Text messege or call you in the morning and tell you to have a good day at work and how much I miss you. 
Be there for you whenever you need me, & even when you don’t need me, just be there so you'll know that you can always count on me. 
Hold you close when you're cold so you can hold me too. 
When we are alone, i’m gonna hold you close and kiss you. 
Kiss you on the cheek. 
While in the movies, put my arm around you and then you will automatically put your head on my shoulder, then i’m gonna lean in and tilt your chin up and kiss you. 
Won't ever tell you to leave even jokingly or act like you're mad. If you're upset, i will comfort you.
When people diss you, i will stand up for you.
Look deep into your eyes and tell you I love you. 
Lay down under the stars and put your head on my chest so we can cuddle. 
When walking next to you, i will grab your hand.
When I hug you, I wanna hold you in my arms as long as possible. 
Call or text you every night to wish you sweet dreams.
Comfort you when you cry and wipe away your tears.
Take you for long walks at night.
Always remind you how much i love you.
Rub your back. 
Give you my coat if you’re cold.
Write letters on your back with my finger.
Let you sit on my lap. (you know that's my fav.)  
Kiss your neck.
Hold your hands in public.
Even if you look bad one day, i’ll still tell you you're beautiful. 
Give you goosebumps and kiss them away.
If your hair is in your face, i’ll move it out and then kiss you.
Surprisingly sneak up on you and hug you from behind. 
Kiss you in the rain. 
Pick you up like in The Notebook and kiss you.
Slow dance with no music. 
Give you butterflies.
Love you, kiss you, hold you and treat you like you're my everything.     

PS - I know it sounds Lil Cheesy n weird but I Love Being Weird Mad Crazy Idiot For You N Only You    

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Meri Mohhabat Ho Tum :) :) :)

Bhiige Gulaab jaisi, khoobsurat ho tum..
Jo bhi ho Jaana, Meri mohabbat ho tum…!!

khawaabo mai ake methe, sapne dikhake,
Mujhe aane walei sunehre, lamhe dikhake,
kya Koi pari nai ki jaisi, Shararat ho tum..?
Jo bhi ho Jaana, Meri mohabbat ho tum…!!

Yaadoon mai likhe gaye, ashaaro jaise,
Pyaar mai sajaayae huye, ghazlo jaise,
Kya Likhe jo sunehrai, khayalat ho tum..?
Jo bhi ho Jaana, Meri mohabbat ho tum…!!

Teri baato mai wo, chashini haye rabba,
Dil mera unmein bas, doob jaaye rabaa,
kYa meri Liyeh bas, ek Masarrat ho tum..?
Jo bhi ho Jaana, Meri mohabbat ho tum…!!

Chehre se joo, zahir hai wo chupau kaise,
tujhse kitni mohabbat hai, ye batau kaise,
kYa meri diL ki hi sirf, Riyasat ho tum..?
Jo bhi ho Jaana, Meri mohabbat ho tum…!!

Bhaata nahi koi chehra, bass tere siwa,
koi nahi deewana, Tera ek mere siwa,
Kya fursat se tarashi gayi, Murat ho tum
Jo bhi ho Jaana, Meri mohabbat ho tum…!!

Jahaa bhi jaau, jidhar bhi jaau Main,
Mehfilo mai khudko, tanha paau Main,
Kya Meri zindagi ki abb, Zarurat ho tum..?
Jo bhi ho Jaana, Meri mohabbat ho tum…!!

Jo bhatak jau, kahin anjaan raho mai,
Le jao manzil pai, bhar ke baho mai,
Kya Meri har justujo-e- taqat ho tum..?
Jo bhi ho Jaana, Meri mohabbat ho tum…!1

Zehnaseeb hu main, jo paya tujhko,
Har soo har lamha, sirf chaha tujhko,
Kya khuda ki mujhpe ki, rehmat ho tum..?
Jo bhi ho Jaana, Meri mohabbat ho tum…!!

Aur kya kahu tumse jan-e-tamanna,
Tum hi ho sirf, meri dil-e-tamanna,
Kya Zindagi se lagayi, hui shart ho tum..?
Jo bhi ho Jaana, Meri mohabbat ho tum…!!

Jo kari Mujahid nai wo ibadat ho tum..
Haa meri jana, Meri mohabbat ho tum….!!!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

I love you sweetheart!

There are many reasons,

Irrespective of all the seasons,
My love for you has grown with time,
All the way, I cherished its mine,

I love you for what you are to me,
I love you coz, the real me you are able to see,

Now, with time I think I love you
It is an eternal thread; it’s to the core,
I love you sweetheart!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Missing those Days, Living in our memory..!!

Sitting in my bedroom alone,
Listening to songs we
Used to listen,

Thinking back to when
We meet thinking how much
I really miss you,

Looking at our photo tears
Fill my eyes,

Looking at how happy
We were how I didn't realise
I miss everything,

From dancing to fighting
And to you holding me close
With your heart,

I miss our cuddles I try to
Forget but I cant,
One years since we meet,
It's gone so fast,

Yet it still feels like just
Yesterday since we were
Living our perfect past,

You told me the past has
Gone and that we remain apart,

You also said you see me
In your future and that
I will always have your heart,

Those words i will never forget
B'cuz I believe every word,

I also believe in never-ending
Love and a love that is
No longer heard,

So forever i will whisper,
I will whisper I love you.

I hope you hear me calling
B'cuz you know
Ma whispers true.

Living in our memory..!!