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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

I love you sweetheart!

There are many reasons,

Irrespective of all the seasons,
My love for you has grown with time,
All the way, I cherished its mine,

I love you for what you are to me,
I love you coz, the real me you are able to see,

Now, with time I think I love you
It is an eternal thread; it’s to the core,
I love you sweetheart!

Your face I have memorized, it follows me everywhere

Your face I have memorized, it follows
me everywhere...

In my times of sadness, your face
shows me how much you care
Like a beacon upon my darkness, a
radiant light that does shine...

Your face lights my path, forever is
long you will be mine

Your smile I so remember, it fills me
with so much hope

Whenever I begin to cry, your smile is
the only way I cope
Like a diamond so brilliant, a sparkle I
find so amazing

Your smile is so beautiful, forever I
could spend gazing

Your voice echoes so sweetly, it is a
sound I love to hear

The tears that come my way, your
voice takes away every fear
Like the melody of a songbird, a
harmony so incredible

Your voice fills my heart, forever now
sounds so wonderful

Your beauty I cannot describe, it
simply blows me away
Blessed beyond belief, your beauty
amazes me each day
Like a picture perfect painting, a
masterpiece just for me

Your beauty is my treasure, forever
our love will always be

Your love captured me so long ago, it
feels so magical
Into my life you did come, now you
have my heart and soul
Like a rainbow with it's colors, a
miracle only God could bring

Your love that you so share, forever
you will be my everything...

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Missing those Days, Living in our memory..!!

Sitting in my bedroom alone,
Listening to songs we
Used to listen,

Thinking back to when
We meet thinking how much
I really miss you,

Looking at our photo tears
Fill my eyes,

Looking at how happy
We were how I didn't realise
I miss everything,

From dancing to fighting
And to you holding me close
With your heart,

I miss our cuddles I try to
Forget but I cant,
One years since we meet,
It's gone so fast,

Yet it still feels like just
Yesterday since we were
Living our perfect past,

You told me the past has
Gone and that we remain apart,

You also said you see me
In your future and that
I will always have your heart,

Those words i will never forget
B'cuz I believe every word,

I also believe in never-ending
Love and a love that is
No longer heard,

So forever i will whisper,
I will whisper I love you.

I hope you hear me calling
B'cuz you know
Ma whispers true.

Living in our memory..!!